BOOK SHELF: Our Interrupted Fairytale – Megan Williams

Vancouver’s Megan Williams never set out to write a book.  She was only trying to fully live her young athletic life and love the man who she could never quite shake from her heart.   Though travel, school and life often kept them apart early in their relationship the undeniable love Megan and Chad shared brought them back together again and again.  That magnetic connection is revealed through a candid trail of letters, emails and blog posts in “Our Interrupted Fairy Tale”.  Ultimately it would be Chad’s illness that would bring them closest and of course ‘interrupt’ their fairy tale.
This love story is told from both Megan and Chad’s perspectives as one of Chad’s legacies was his very vulnerable blog through transplants and treatments.  It gives you a close fresh look into young love and the horrible ravages of multiple myeloma, an incurable blood cancer.

The constant dance of any relationship is what makes it interesting.   The push and the pull are where the passion lies. This one is more like a full on tug-of-war.  Great timing for Valentine’s Day.  Game, Set, LOVE!!

Yup, I cried.  You probably will too.
*** ~ tara


Ratings System:
*wait for soft cover
**pretty good, like a mid-week red wine
*** Stay up past your bedtime

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