There’s Talk of Destiny

He stood there slightly sweaty in the Canada Day sun,  a sweet little boy wobbling on his shoulders.  The child’s dimpled fingers were clamped on his forehead  in classic  grandson  grip as they watched  the fun happening all around them at the neighbourhood park.  Then he totally made my day.  Through his ear to ear smile he said “This is all for a very good reason, take it from me”.   I’ll bite.  “Oh really?  What makes you such an expert?”Canada Flag

This lovely man had been a listener of the daily radio show I used to host and kindly told me he missed me in the mornings.  That’s always nice to hear.  Then he unwrapped his own personal story about things working out “for the better”.  As we baked together under the bluest sky we’d seen in weeks he  explained that he had married later in life  and he and his wife were about to downsize to  a condo and maybe do some travelling.   The typical freedom 55 trajectory.  She had been having a terrible time with workplace bullying, so she took a leave  and stayed home for a while to regroup.  That ‘staying home’ resulted in this little cherub on his shoulders.  At 62 he was the father of a toddler.  What?  “My friends think I’m crazy”  he grinned as he squeezed those chubby legs “but this is the best thing that’s ever happened to me”.

While his colleagues and buddies are golfing, cashing in RRSP’s and growing the prosperity belly he’ll be toilet training…and loving it!  Never in a million years would  he have expected to be where he is today, but he couldn’t be happier.  And that was evident.  He was bristling with life and fun, youth and love.  You could actually feel it coming off him.  So much for making plans.

It’s impossible to count the number of times people have expressed their complete and total confidence in my currently un-chartable direction.  There seems to exist a widespread  unspoken belief that this is all just one big pre-ordained,  matter of fact, it’s all going to work out scenario that will unfold with complete perfection.   We just don’t get to know what that is.  Nobody does.  Maybe you’ve been philosophized at too?   Whether it’s a nasty breakup, a big move or an unexpected job change,  everyone seem to believe this is ‘for the best’ and ‘it’s all going to work out’.  Easy for them to say, right?  Thanks for being in my corner, but being a terribly impatient person I would simply like to know where this is all leading…now.  What’s the reason? Where’s the end game?   I was perfectly happy where I was thanks.  Beautiful new studios, creative team to work with,  big ratings success and perks galore.  How can you be happier or more satisfied than that?

Everyone from the deli dude to Facebook friends and the Book Club  beloved seem to agree that big D, Destiny is at work here.  Have you noticed the expression on their faces when they say that?  It’s like they’ve already read the book and don’t want to spoil the plot twist ending for you.  Just cool your jets lady and wait for dessert to arrive at the table.  Patience is not a virtue I possess nor desire.  Isn’t it easy as an outside observer to see the sense and purpose in other people’s life curve balls?  The friend who takes a big risk and leaves an unhealthy marriage, now THAT is scary.  The strong colleague who abandons the tried and true big smoke to set up a new life in a beautiful yet small town with little support, AMAZING!  The successful executive who decides that 60 hours a week is just too much and walks away, BRAVE!   Destiny is at work in all of these scenarios.

Sometimes we’re just too busy to notice a blessing when it’s handed to us.  It takes time and IMG_2055distance for the gift to be completely unwrapped and appreciated.  So, thanks for being so supportive and for believing that this is all going to work out.  You just might be right.

And back at Canada Day?  My daughter and I took the blue ribbon in the wheelbarrow race.  You can’t do that if you’re not well rested!  Seeing the perks already.

Happy Canada Day! ~ tara





  1. Karen

    Your words moved me. I am a true believer that everything happens for a reason. You may not know why now, but you will one day. Just stay strong and positive and live will bring you joy!

    • Tara McGuire

      Thank you Karen. It’s the waiting and wondering that’s hard. But I totally agree with you! ~ t

  2. Janet

    I just love reading your blog, I get to know you want a whole other level! And of course you won the wheelbarrow race!!! What a beautiful team.

  3. Cindy

    I am not a religious person but think things happen fora reason and we rise to the challenge. 21 years ago we had our first born who had many challenges….he made us focus on making his life better which brought along increased awareness generally. It all works out for the right reason.
    You will be great and find your place. I saw my dad today and Rafe says be strong and follow your passion and the radio business sucks. We miss you!

    • Tara McGuire

      Hi Cindy,

      Thanks for your note. You are the kind of people, the type of family that takes what could be a reason to turtle and complain and turns it around to be such a positive. Your son Robbie is the proof! He’s an amazing vibrant young man who brings joy to everyone who meets him.

      Thanks for being in touch and my best to you and your whole family…Dad too!

      x T

      • marianne robinson

        well, lets just say you start your journey on the ‘island’, we can help we live in a ‘eco disneyland’ and thats just a start. We have friends that have sphere homes,, we can hook you up there too. We have had many ‘travel writers’ stay here and are featured in several magazines. This is how the writers do it. Free accommodations/citypassage and you write an article.and with your background, it will fly, in any mag. would do it. Contact me for more info and where to start!

  4. Brian Pritchard

    You are so right… You were doing a great job and for some crazy reason the company decided to blow that up!!!
    Your are a great broadcaster and you fully get to come back after your France adventure an go back at radio again… Do not listen to anyone who says you can’t they are just jealous of your adventure … Screw them… Think of all the great listening to radio in europe an ideas you will have on your return… You’ll be so much more experienced in the world of life!
    Just relax and enjoy the ride… willy did it and he ‘s back and doing just fine .
    All the best in your time away
    You will eat well in France… They are so good at food and wine there
    All the best
    Brian Who bumped into you at Nic’s Chrias do’s w Elaine

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