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Stuart McLean Was Nice to Me When Nobody Was Looking

All any of us want to be is seen and heard and, if we’re lucky, understood.  Stuart McLean’s greatest gift, one that he shared with gleeful abandon, was to reassure us that we are fine, we are normal in our abnormality, and our little, seemingly insignificant lives do mean something after all. He revelled in the regular.  He got me.  And he got you.  He saw us.  Stuart held up a big mirror and in that reflection we looked just fine thank you.  Better than ever actually.  He polished us until we shone with his affection for the every day.

Reading other people’s email these days is asking for trouble (Hillary!) but in this case I think we’ll all be forgiven as they reveal something valuable about an extraordinary person.   Stuart McLean was a friend and inspiration to me and I choose to show you some excerpts from our correspondence to illustrate what a thoughtful and kind man we was, even when no mic’s were on, no tapes were rolling and nobody was looking. Continue Reading →

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Dad’s Journey & The Vinyl Cafe

This is a letter I wrote to Stuart McLean.  Ya, THEE Stuart McLean of the Vinyl Cafe.  That was back in November when we were in Corsica.  I was more than delighted when my new friend replied saying he’d like to use it on the show.  Remember, The VC audience in Canada and the USA is over 2M people.  Dad would get the accolades he deserved after all those lonely, gruelling  months on the road.  Stuart has worked his magic with the letter and recorded it recently in Chilliwack with Dad, family, friends and fellow cyclists in the crowd.  I’m told Dad received a long and hearty standing ovation when (my new BFF) Stuart invited him onto the stage.  The story will be broadcast this weekend on CBC with the “Story Exchange”.

Saturday 9am CBC Radio 2

Sunday 12noon CBC Radio 1

Tuesday 11pm CBC Radio 1

The show will also be available by podcast here as of Saturday morning:

Dear Stuart, Continue Reading →