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Greece – An Unexpected Love Story


Athens – Temple of Apollo

ATHENS – The three of us pile our assortment of bulging bags into the trunk of his 70’s era Mercedes and squeeze into the back seat together.  His taxi is impeccably spotless, the soft dark leather seats recently massaged with scented oil.  You can tell he smokes in here while he’s waiting in line at the airport taxi-stand.  Sometimes he waits for hours to make a few euros for his family.

“Since the crisis,” he began.  So many sentences begin this way in Greece “I am luck to have a job.  Normally I am teacher, but driving cab is good for now.  I am luck.”   His dark hair was well groomed and his shirt neatly pressed.  He held his head high.  He was proud of his car.  Normally we would take the metro or bus to save money but we decided to take a cab as it was dark when we arrived in Athens and we only had a vague idea how to find our apartment.  “We are luck too!” I told him “Luck to have you help us find our way.”    Continue Reading →