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Food Glorious Food…and Wine

Some of our French dining experiences have been, frankly, a little disappointing, which was a big surprise.  Overpriced tough grisly steak, bland runny sauces, wilted veggies.  What?  We had expected every meal in France to be a joyful cascade of amazing flavours and singing angels but that has not been the case.   Surprisingly, the French, some of them at least, seem to have a strange fondness for McDonald’s.  I know, it’s weird.  So we’ve found that asking for personal recommendations is the best way to find a really good restaurant.  Also, it’s best not to frequent dining spots with pictures of the food taped to the front window.  Dead giveaway.


Le Blé Noir, Carcassonne

One morning I was sitting in French class concentrating very hard on the lesson (ok, daydreaming about duck confit) when our teacher asked if I had any questions.  “Yes, I do”  I stammered in my awkward française.  “Can you recommend a good restaurant close by for lunch?”  She seemed confused.  This wasn’t a question about the futur proche or the passé composé.  She quickly  suggested the chinese place around the corner and tried to get me back on track, just like the teachers in high school.  ‘Non, a French restaurant,  if you please”.  This was not part of the lesson plan.  Continue Reading →