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Square Pillows and Wine on Tap – Life in the French Countryside

tara and ly walking

Our morning commute

Our pillows are square.  The ones on our beds.  It’s tough finding the right angle for your neck and shoulder if you’re a side sleeper.  I often end up feeling like my head is inside a giant taco.  They seem to be square in most homes.  Not rectangular like in Canada.  No idea why, this is just one of the many little differences that have started to feel normal since we’ve been living here in the small village of Villegaihenc, France.  Our town is about 10 minutes drive from Carcassonne where we have been taking French lessons every morning for the last 4 weeks.  We try to speak and write simple French words and sentences for three hours, with a merciful tea break somewhere in the middle.   In France one ‘takes’ tea or coffee.  Like you ‘take’ a nap or a picture.  It feels more like a break that way.  One of our most helpful phrases goes like this: “Avez-vous soif? Voulez-vous prendre quelque chose?”   “Do you have thirst, would you like to take something?” See , not a total waste of time.

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