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Tribute to a Friend

For about a year now I have been spending time each week with a family friend, Andrew.  He suffered from Frontal Temporal Dementia  which is a fancy scientific  way of saying his brain quit working properly and began to slowly shut him down.   I wrote about Andrew’s grace regarding his illness last Fall.

I don’t even really know why I started walking with and visiting  Andrew.  Maybe I just needed something to do that didn’t involve staring out the window and crying.  Or maybe it was that I suddenly had a different understanding of loss and I felt like we had something in common.   Something big.   We ‘got’ each other now.  Whether it’s fast or slow, gentle or cruel, loss is loss and it surrounds us.  It takes us apart and puts us back together in a different way.  We may look the same on the outside but deep in the guts of us, we are forever altered. Continue Reading →