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My Turn to Get Punched – Sorrento, Capri and the Amalfi Coast

We had bluffed our way through a few weeks in Italy before we finally bought a guide book.  We resist them for a few reasons:

a) they are heavy.

b) i don’t wont to go where everyone else goes and order food by pointing at faded pictures on laminated cards.

c) something deep in my ego figures we should be able to do this unaided.  So wrong.

One day in Rome I was just tired of looking at astonishing buildings, fountains and ruins and not fully understanding what exactly made them so astonishing.  I caved.  While paying (way too much, that’s another reason) for the book I asked the woman at the desk where her favourite place in Italy was.  She said “Venice.”  Knowing we were travelling in the opposite direction I said…”what about south of here?”  She didn’t hesitate for a second “then it’s Sicily…by far.”  Very definitive statement.  Continue Reading →