Dad’s Journey

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Dad’s Journey & The Vinyl Cafe

This is a letter I wrote to Stuart McLean.  Ya, THEE Stuart McLean of the Vinyl Cafe.  That was back in November when we were in Corsica.  I was more than delighted when my new friend replied saying he’d like to use it on the show.  Remember, The VC audience in Canada and the USA is over 2M people.  Dad would get the accolades he deserved after all those lonely, gruelling  months on the road.  Stuart has worked his magic with the letter and recorded it recently in Chilliwack with Dad, family, friends and fellow cyclists in the crowd.  I’m told Dad received a long and hearty standing ovation when (my new BFF) Stuart invited him onto the stage.  The story will be broadcast this weekend on CBC with the “Story Exchange”.

Saturday 9am CBC Radio 2

Sunday 12noon CBC Radio 1

Tuesday 11pm CBC Radio 1

The show will also be available by podcast here as of Saturday morning:

Dear Stuart, Continue Reading →

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Stubbornness is Hereditary

From what I can tell in the few photos I’ve seen, his face is almost coffee brown (no cream) and deeply weathered.  This is what happens when you always face the rising sun.  It also bares a nearly permanent mischievous smile. Dad has been cycling across Canada for more than two months this summer attempting to complete the epic ride he began last year at the Alaska border.  He wants to touch Canada’s farthest reaches.  His compass points due east toward Cape Spear, Newfoundland. Continue Reading →

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People Are Nice. That’s My Fallback

imageYou may know that my Dad is in the  ridiculously crazy process of attempting to ride his bike across Canada. Diagonally so it’s harder.  What you may not know is that not many people want him to or think he can.  Oh sure, there are some that have faith but he’s largely on his own with this one.  For starters he’s old, 81.  He has many health issues  that  individually would keep you and I on the couch complaining and watching the Golf Channel.  Also, Canada is an enormous and potentially dangerous place. Continue Reading →

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Dad’s Inspirational and Slightly Crazy Cycling Journey

He's an old guy with Parkinson's riding his bike across Canada.

He’s an old guy with Parkinson’s riding his bike across Canada.

It’s not a “trip”.  Trips take two weeks, three tops, and often involve buffets and hangovers.  This “journey” is something larger. A human powered zig zag to the farthest reaches of Canada. The most Westerly, Northerly, Southerly and Easterly points of our majestic country. “Why Dad”? He grins and says “Canada is my playground”.  Continue Reading →