BOOK SHELF: Where’d You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple

bernadetteThis one was a completely pleasant accident. My Mom forgot Where’d You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple at our place over Christmas so naturally I stole it and told her she couldn’t have it back until I was done.

 Oh how I love a complex rebel character and Bernadette has got that covered like  Zach Galifianakis  at the buffet.  For instance, she has such an aversion to the  pretentious parents at her daughter’s big bucks Seattle private school she accidently  causes a mudslide just  to avoid being with them.  High five!

When Bernadette’s 15 year old daughter Bee scores the perfect report card Bernadette and Dad, a Micosoft genius, have to buck up for a trip to ‘anywhere’ which turns out to be Antarctica.  This is a major problem because Bernadette has become a complete agoraphobic.  Why?  Because as a ground-breaking, modern, award-winning, ahead of her time architect she was mentally and spiritually devastated when her Magnum Opus was crushed…among other things.

 Then, as the $%&* is hitting the fan, Bernadette suddenly disappears.  Her oh-so-clever daughter Bee pastes together a trail of emails, documents and secret letters to figure out what could have happened to Mom?

 Where’d  You Go, Bernadette is about unbreakable family bonds, the unspoken understanding between Moms and daughters, following your gut and searching as far as you need to in order to find your destination.  It touched my heart and made me want to design my own house at the same time.

Completely loved this book!!

 *** ~ tara

Ratings System:
*wait for soft cover
**pretty good, like a mid-week red wine
*** Stay up past your bedtime


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